Based in the UK but with subsidiary companies in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia, Organics has a global mandate.

Organics works primarily as an EPC contractor but bespoke, specialty unit process supply is also available.

Organics looks towards helping communities, working with businesses and governments to make energy production cleaner and greener.

Renewable energy or natural products, we share the fundamental Organics Group ethos – to contribute to a cleaner, healthier, sustainable planet for everybody.


Organics Renewable Energy & Environmental Protection

Organics designs, builds, installs and commissions high quality pollution control systems for a range of differing waste streams. Particular strengths lie within the field of landfill engineering.

The company also supplies one-off, purpose-built engineering solutions to a number of users dealing with specific pollution control problems. These have often required design from a basis of sound engineering knowhow.


Organics MarketPlace

Organics started out as an engineering company, building equipment that helps with the environment, reduces pollution and creates renewable energy from waste. After many enquiries regarding organic products we decided it was time to branch out. That’s why Organics Marketplace was created.

Our dedication to the environment doesn’t end with our engineering. The new marketplace branch of Organics is committed to providing a platform for organic, renewable, sustainable and ethical products to be sold to a global market. Our shop allows anyone to share their organic products with like-minded people. Because with a domain name like ours it would be selfish not to share!